"The Exciting Conclusion" is the final Spider-Man Origin Short of the series among the six parts. It was aired on July 8th (UK) and July 29th (US).


When his quest for fame results in personal tragedy, Peter Parker learns that with great power, comes great responsibility.


The short begins with Peter in his room talking about getting his first sports trophy through being The Spider and using his spider powers as a masked wrestler during a wrestling competition. He tells about how the award is made with two metals and two different dioxides. He knew that because he is interested in science, the subject his Uncle Ben encouraged him to presume unfortunately he never got to see it he says. Another thing that is made up of three different metals (the short shows a bullet) that is what killed his Uncle. Filled with sorrow and rage, Peter (masked) goes to find who killed his uncle. He found out that the cops found where the burglar was, so he goes there, as they also said to let them handle it. Peter (masked) breaks through the window and gets to him. The burglar at first isn't scared at all, and as he tries to get his gun out, Peter takes it and throws it out and tells him that he is coming with him, the burglar runs and Peter follows him as he holds him through his web and throws him breaking a box, the burglar gets scared as Peter puts a web on his face. Peter filled with rage tells him that all he wants to hear is his screams, as he removes the web. He remembers the face, that same face he saw before the wrestling competition, that the security guard told him to stop but Peter didn't help him. He asks himself what has he done? Filled with sorrow and rage, he starts to cry, the burglar runs and the police catches him. Days later, Peter learns that people like Uncle Ben can never be replaced but the things they stood for can be carried on through our beliefs through our work. He starts to record again, telling that since being bitten by that radioactive spider, he has observed the changes between himself, hypothesized that he can embrace them, predicted the role he can play in the society, experimented how to best use these powers and now his conclusion and that is they are not to be taken lightly. He says he has been given a gift of great power and his uncle once said ''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility''. He didn't truly understand what his Uncle met until that night, but in order to live up to that model, he needs to become something more than a celebrity, he needs to become a symbol, a beacon of hope, He needs to become a Hero! The short ends with calling himself Spider-Man!



The Exciting Conclusion


Origin 6 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD

Origin 6 Marvel's Spider-Man Disney XD