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Randolph "Randy"  Robertson is a supporting character in Marvel's Spider Man. He is an aspiring Journalist who attends Midtown High.


Field Trip to Oscorp

Randy was present to the field trip to the Oscorp Building along with his other peers.

Horizon High

Screenshot 20180301-174212 1

Randy along with Peter and Liz Allan in the science lab.

Randy follows Liz Allan as she storms in on Peter in the science lab. Liz berates Peter for not being at the Horizon High opening ceremony, but had Randy to help in his absence, with the latter implying he " was ordered to help." Peter then changes the subject by asking Randy a chemistry question, but Randy shrugs saying he's a Journalist writing a story on Max Modell for Midtown High's website, not a man of science. Randy is excited for the fact that a school for geniuses is recruiting their own school's best and brightest but his excitement is cut short by the arrival of Spencer Smythe and his father, Alistair. Spencer starts talking trash about Horizon not being so great if " a snob" like Harry Osborn got admitted. Afterwards, Randy is in the auditorium with all the other students listening to Liz deliver her welcoming speech on the podium and is spooked when Max Modell appears next to him and Peter, having tricked everyone with an on-stage hologram projection. When the Vibranium machine started to go haywire, Randy and all the other students evacuated.


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Randy is appalled to find Liz on Screwball's website.

Randy meets up with Liz at Midtown High asking about their study group only to find, to his dismay, her looking through the viewers footage on Screwball's website and assumes Liz is a fan ( unaware at the time that she IS Screwball).Liz merely praises the Prankster on how great she is, but Randy says that Screwball is " everything that's wrong with the internet". Randy also says that if Screwball really wanted to make a difference, she'd do it legally, taking his blog as an example, something Liz calls "boring" with Randy almost agreeing with. Randy then tells Liz that the power company Screwball targeted the other night was bought along with other businesses by an anonymous corporation, though he has a gut feeling that it might be the mob. Before he can say anything else, Randy instead decides to send Liz his 35-page-long story from his smartphone. Liz then teases Randy's apparent jealousy at the fact that Screwball has more hits than his blog, but Randy dismisses that claim as he knows Screwball's numbers are declining due to her getting footage of Spider-Man. Randy then heads off to the grand opening of the city's new Media Building to where his appraised father, Robbie, is speaking to every news outlet ( and once again bringing up his blog).

Randy with Peter and Harry

Randy with Peter and Harry at the media building grand opening.

Randy arrives at the Media Building construction site to meet Peter and Harry, thanking them for their support. When his father takes the stage to begin his speech, Randy watches close with great interest. Soon enough, the ceremony is interrupted when Screwball takes over the Oscorp worker bot and dumps a pile of sand on Robert. Randy quickly rushes to his father's aid, with the latter assuring him that he is unharmed. Screwball makes an entrance with her catchphrase. Randy is horrified at the fact that his dad could've been hurt but Harry calms him down saying that Screwball's pranks only look worse and tries to get an answer from Peter, only for the latter to disappear. The next day, Randy is playing dodgeball in gym class when the Absorbing Man interrupts their game in order to find Screwball and starts wrecking the place. Randy is then grabbed by the ankle by the super powered thug and demands for Screwball to be brought to him .

Randy upside down

Randy probes Absorbing Man despite being at his mercy.

When Absorbing Man's patience starts to reach his limit, Randy stalls him by casually introducing himself and asks what the former wants with Screwball exactly. After Absorbing Man threatens to dispose of Randy in ten seconds, Screwball shows herself trying to save Randy, only to be knocked off her skateboard in the process as Randy escapes his clutches momentarily. When Spider-Man arrives and joins the fight, Absorbing Man wraps up both Randy and Screwball with his ball and chain and holds them both ransom unless Spider-Man hands over the flash drive he absconded with the night of the jewelry store robbery and to bring it to the the Media Building construction site or they'll be thrown in concrete.

Randy with Liz

Randy is surprised to find out that Liz is Screwball

In the back of Absorbing Man's van en route to the construction site, Screwball admits full responsibility for their situation with Randy making a sarcastic quip but commends her for risking her life for a total stranger. Screwball states that Randy isn't a stranger by calling him by name and says he's her friend as she lifts up her visor revealing herself to be Liz all along. Surprised, Randy asks Liz why she took on the Screwball persona and she confesses that she wanted to feel special as she did before Horizon High and Oz Academy stole her thunder. Even though Liz says she isn't a real hero for her recklessness as Screwball, Randy praises her for trying to save his life at least. Arriving at the construction site, he and Liz are tied up and suspended over a cement mixer until Spider-Man arrives to deliver the flash drive to Absorbing Man and his employer, Hammerhead. During the fight, Liz manages to to cut the rope and free herself and Randy. After Absorbing Man is tricked into dissolving himself, Randy asks Spider-Man if that's the end for him and thanks for the save. Spider-Man says Randy helped by submitting his info about the purchased companies on his blog which led to Hammerhead. Randy is instantly thrilled that a superhero like Spider-Man read his blog and is quickly moved out of harm's way as Hammerhead attacks them both with the worker bot by hurling cement blocks at them. After Liz aids in stopping Hammerhead, Randy praises her for acting like a real hero for once, much to her delight but declines to just be herself instead and removes her helmet . After handing over both Hammerhead and Absorbing man to the cops, Liz ( as Screwball) promotes Randy's blog as she announces her hiatus.

Physical Appearance

Randy is an African-American teenage male with brown eyes behind black horn-rimmed glasses and short dark hair. His clothes consist of a black undershirt, a red dress shirt under a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up, dark pants and black shoes. For P.E. at Midtown High, Randy wears a white T-shirt with a blue neckline, blue shorts, white socks and sneakers.


Randy is basically an easygoing yet reasonable guy. When it comes to his ambition in the world of Journalism, Randy feels right at home like writing a story for his school's website or simply starting from basics like his beloved blog. His passion for Journalism also happens to be a family business as his father, Robbie Robertson made it big as one.


Liz Allan

Randy appears to be in an easy friendship with Liz. He is loyal to her to in some degree like assisting her with the preparations for the Horizon High opening ceremony, even though he made it sound like she forced him to. The two banter but never bicker when it comes to his blog, whom she calls "boring" for how little reviews it gets. When Randy and Screwball are captured by the Absorbing Man, he is shocked to discover that the internet prankster was his friend Liz the whole time. He also seems to have pardoned her for her reckless actions and, in turn, she temporarily goes on hiatus and promotes his blog to her viewers.

Robbie Robertson

Robbie is Randy's father. Randy idolizes him as "a real Journalist" due to his success and influence in his business.


Origin Shorts

Season 1


  • This is Randy's third appearance in an animated series.