Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Spider-Gwen Transparent
Student at Horizon High
George Stacey (Father)
Helen Stacy (Mother)
Raymond Warren (uncle; incarcerated)
Laura Bailey

Gwen Stacy is one of the main characters of Marvel's Spider Man. She will soon become a superhero later on. Gwen is one of Peter's classmates at Horizon High. She will be voiced by Laura Bailey.


Early Life

Screenshot 20180228-151306 1

A picture of a younger Gwen with her uncle Raymond

Gwen grew up as any other normal girl in New York. As a child, Her uncle, Raymond Warren encouraged her to pursue a career in in science just as he did. And since then, science has always been her passion.

Oz Academy



Gwen's first meeting with Spider-Man

Gwen Stacy is a warm and intelligent girl who has a lot of ideas running in her head. She can stand up to people and give them ideas (e.g. Peter Parker). She gives solutions to problems through her intelligence. Gwen also has some really good bonding moments with her friends and families and was especially attached to her uncle Raymond Warren who motivated her to pursue a career in science since she was little and was shocked when he turned out to be the Jackal. This revelation was enough to bring her to tears but with a little encouragement from Peter she was comforted to hug him.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Scientific Intelligence


Physical Appearance

As Gwen

Gwen is an attractive teenage girl of a slender build who has long blonde hair tied up in a bun by an orange hairpin with two strands that hook out from both her ears and bright blue eyes. Her civilian attire consists of a cropped pink jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a v-neck turquoise top underneath, maroon jogger pants and matching red flat shoes. She wore a pink dress and a gold pendant in Party Animals for the Horizon High dance party. In Sandman whilst enjoying her day off at Coney Island she wore a black shirt, purple skinny pants, a red loop scarf, gold bracelet and black sneakers. In the episode Halloween Moon , Gwen was donned in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit and her hair was worn down.

As Spider-Gwen

Spider Gwen 2017

Spider-Gwen (sans mask)

Spider-Gwen wears a black bodysuit with white areas that form a spider design, a white hood with the interior lining being magenta with cyan web patterns, matching magenta-and-cyan designs on her upper arms, and cyan soles/shoe welts to her boots. Her mask’s eyes are white with a bold solid magenta outline around them. When she first took on the Spider-Gwen persona, she didn't wear a mask and had her hair in a ponytail underneath her hood and a tuft sticking out of the brim.



  • This the second TV show Gwen appear as Spider-Gwen, the first being Ultimate Spider-man.